Make the Government fund PPE for Pharmacies

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Pharmacies around the country are working tirelessly to help their communities by seeing patients who are not able to be seen by their GPs.

Pharmacies require personal protective equipment (PPE) to continue working as safely as possible; by not putting themselves and their patients at risk.

Pharmacies have had to redesign their businesses by putting up specific barriers, rotation teams of staff and reducing number of patients in the building at one time.

Medical centres have stopped face-to-face consultations with only emergency appointments being given - for their protection.

Banks have been given PPE by the Government - for their protection.

Pharmacies have been given no such assistance.

If one person is to contract COVID-19 or is put into isolation any other staff member exposed would need to go into isolation as well and pharmacies may need to close.

Please, I implore you to sign this petition and ensure it gets to Government level. We are frontline healthcare workers and need to be protected as much as possible.

Please help your local pharmacy, as they are staying open throughout this time to help you - Show your support and help to protect them by signing the petition