Legalize Medical Marijuana in New Zealand

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Marijuana is a very dangerous substance to people, however, in the case of using it for medical purposes, it's a lot different. Medical marijuana has had scientific studies shown that it can severely reduce pain during Chemotherapy, reduce chronic pain and muscle spasms, improve the appetite with people that have AIDS/HIV and a lot more. Say for example, a loved one was in pain from Chemotherapy, and all the medications had been tried but hadn't worked and the only one guaranteed that could severely help was Marijuana, but was illegal to use. Would you want to see your loved one in pain before his or her death, or even if they are getting better but before they fully recuperate, they have to go through pain? I wouldn't. Medical Marijuana needs to be legalized in New Zealand and the only people that can do that is the Government (Ministry of Health) (Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern).