Mandatory disclosure of HIV status before marriage in India

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Due to its large population size, India has the third largest HIV epidemic in the world. The HIV epidemic in India is driven by heterosexual sex, which accounted for 87% of new infections in 2015. 

The propogation of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI) in India is largely due to ignorance about importance sexual health, promiscuity and unsafe sexual behaviours. 

A full STI panel and mandatory disclosure of HIV status to should be passed as a law prerequisite to marriage. 

Reckless sexual behaviour amongst Indian men is also driven by false beliefs that marrying a virgin girl will miraculously cure them of any STIs including HIV. 

This kind of mentality is dangerous and can ruin the life of either spouse, hence documented disclosure of sexually transmitted infections including , but not limited to HIV by both the parties wishing to enter matrimony  must be made mandatory by the government of India and passed as a law.