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GST removal on healthy foods.

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There has recently been a bill put together by Maori parties, Rahui Katene to remove all GST on healthy food products. Currently unhealthy foods are far cheaper to purchase anywhere in New Zealand in comparison to healthy fresh produce. With unhealthy food being cheaper it prompts more people to buy it over fresh healthy produce due to less expenditure.

However that is just the surface of this far deeper problem. Healthy food shouldn’t just be a luxury for wealthy people it should be affordable for those with less money as a necessity instead. With this being a problem it has effected our health industry a lot more than what people realize.

New Zealand currently has a food crisis and the cost of healthy food is a factor towards this. By healthy food being so pricey in comparison to unhealthy foods it encourages people to buy whats considered to be junk foods. By signing this we hope to use this as a way to contribute to making the current bill pass and have GST taken off healthy food produce

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