Investigate Now! The Death of a 7 Years-Old Due to Medical Negligence?

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     Saeesha Banerjee, a bustling chirpy 7 year old, died on Monday, September 17. Blood flowed out of her mouth, her heart was blocked, an oxygen mask and catheter was at place. She suffered from dengue. With proper treatment, she could have been alive.
     Friday we admitted her to a hospital in Siliguri when she was suffering just from fever and nausea. In her blood report infection was detected. Potassium levels were down.
     Dr P. Parekh verbally recommended her to be shifted to their Kolkata hospital branch - Bhagirathi Neotia in Newtown - under the care of Dr Shamik Ghosh, for Saeesha’s best interests. However, Dr Ghosh is an on call doctor so Saeesha was in the PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) under Dr Somnath Gorai’s watch.

     On Saturday evening, she got admitted and walked herself to the emergency ward, opened her little sandals and kept them neatly on the shoe stand before sitting on the bed. She never got up.

16 September 2018, 7:30 pm:

  • Doctors report that Saeesha has difficulty breathing.
  • Blood may be required. Her father was asked to stay back.

9:30 pm:

  • Her father, Soumik, asked the doctor if they needed his blood. Saeesha and Soumik share the same blood group, B+. 
  • The doctor reported that Saeesha has normal platelet count, hence no tests are required and her father was asked to go home. 
  • They said if they needed blood, they had it.

17 September, 3:00 am:

  • Saeesha's mother, Devika, calls (she stayed at the hospital at night) and said the hospital is asking for blood urgently.

3:25 am:

  • Her father rushes to the hospital. Saeesha was still talking. She was having problems with the oxygen mask. 
  • The RMO (resident medical officer) requested her father to call her mother, Devika, to counsel Saeesha. Soumik called her.

3:30 am:

  • They came up but they didn’t allow Devika to get in. Saeesha was having respiratory issues
  • They said that if the platelet count goes down, the blood may get thin and internal bleeding may happen.  
  • Soumik asked if they gave blood? They said blood is on its way (they didn’t have blood in stock). 
  • Both the doctors, Dr. Shamik Ghosh and Dr. Somnath Goroi were unavailable.

Soumik kept on asking if they needed blood. They kept on saying blood was on its way. Due to lack of blood Saeesha’s health began to deteriorate.

4:25 am:

  • Saeesha became unconscious. She began bleeding
  • Doctors were still absent, after 2 and half hours of deterioration.
  • Present RMO had little idea. They put her in life support system.

4:50 am:

  • Dr Somnath arrives. She was already bleeding from ears and mouth.

They still kept on asking if the doctors needed blood. They still kept on saying the blood was on its way. Soumik asked them if they didn’t have it in stock why didn’t they ask him before?  B+ is a very common blood group.

The doctors said DON’T WORRY

5:15 am:

  • Blood arrived.
  • Saeesha is at the brink of death.

     Dr Shamik Ghosh (recommended by Dr Prince Parekh) only arrived to inform that they couldn’t save Saeesha. We were told that the Kolkata hospital has every kind of backup. Soumik's father asked if they could admit Saeesha in Bellview or AMRI hospitals but the doctors said the two hospitals don’t have PICU.

     We were made to believe that everything was arranged. We did what any family would.

     Transfering from the Siliguri Neotia hospital to the Kolkata Neotia hospital was a terrible move.  According the Newsmen "Two senior specialized doctors attached to separate private hospitals in Kolkata, said on the conditions of Anonymity, that they find it unwise that the child was referred to Kolkata all the way from Siliguri." 

They couldn’t provide blood on time.
The shift for her treatment was unnecessary.
The doctors called police to protect themselves when they called the parents for the death explanation. Why would they call the police if they were not guilty?

     They didn’t charge us for the bill, harrassed us during discharge and just verbally said sorry. Some lies maybe spread that Saeesha was already sick/unconscious severely on her way to the hospital. Saeesha was fine, she could have been saved.

     These doctors must be held accountable so no other innocent child dies. This hospital and similar hospitals/doctors must be punished. Also please be aware of the signs and symptoms of dengue. Please share this message to spread awareness. Saeesha has paid the price of it. #JusticeForSaeesha #StopMedicalMalpractice #StopMedicalNegligence #DengueAwareness