Equal CareShield Life premiums for women and men

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Thank you


This petition was started less than a month ago, and we've garnered just about 10,000 signatures — for this, thank you. It is heartening to see so many women and men wanting to make their voices heard. 

Let's keep talking about this. Keep the conversation going, both online and off. If each of us got just one more person to sign, we'd double our petition numbers tomorrow. 

To make it easier for you to share the petition, please feel free to copy and share this link with your network: bit.ly/sgcareshield

The moment we hit 10k signatures, we will be sending details of this petition to the Ministry of Health. They will continue to receive regular updates on this petition's milestones. If / When we receive a response from the Ministry, we will post an update right here. 

Thank you, again. 

Charissa Guan
2 years ago