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Don't ban coconut oil in Mauritius

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After suffering from several years of vilification, coconut oil has in recent years gone through a rebirth as its tremendous health benefits were brought to light. More and more people now regularly consume high-quality organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil.

The ministry of health in Mauritius wants to ban coconut oil. Why? Because the Ministry of Health deems the saturated fats content of coconut oil to be higher than what is legally permissible in the Food Act. We however contend that the MOH is wrong in their interpretation of the law and we are fighting them in court. But until the outcome of the case, we are bound by the decisions of the MOH.

In the meantime, with your help and support, we are asking that the MOH  allow coconut oil to be sold in Mauritius so that Mauritians can continue (or start if you haven't tried it yet) to enjoy the beneficial effects of coconut oil.

Should the MOH persist in banning coconut oil for human consumption, coconut oil will be classified in Mauritius as a cosmetic product, which means it will be subject to duty and prices will go up. In a country with one of the highest levels of cholesterol-related diseases and diabetes in the world, consumers will be deterred from using a product that is proven to have numerous health benefits.

Join us in demanding that our right to do good for our health is not impeded by the small-mindedness or lethargy of a few unenlightened individuals.

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