Colleges should be shutdown to prevent spreading of Corona #COVID2019

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As we don’t know how Novel Corona virus spread, also its symptoms are similar to other Corona virus in order to stop epidemic of this virus Colleges should be closed, atleast till cdc test kits gives quick and accurate diagnosis. 


This article is written by journalists who has covered SARS, he talks about the current situation of the world, what people should do to protect themself. 
Information about Novel corona virus is arcane, media is not doing their job to properly educating commoners. Like to stop eating Chinese food, don’t eat non veg, keep clove and camphor tied in handkerchief!, etc.

Social media is filled with deceptive information, it won’t be long when our parents will get WhatsApp about grounding their pupil for the prevention against infection from Corona, This is clearly outrageous.

Most student travel to get to college, they are exposed to surrounding and the people who may or may not be infected.

We want schools and colleges to be temporarily closed, in order to stop further spreading of this heinous virus.

This website is daily updated by WHO, they upload daily reports about the spread of COVID 

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