Support for the Euthanasia

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We need to start taking into account that euthanasia means the free decision to end one's life if there is intense pain or suffering, irreversible disease near death or lack of any alternative.

Knowing this, we can infer that the euthanisia is a tool that, under the person's consent, can directly cease the suffering of a sick person that probably is not going to get better.

It seems to us that it should be legalized because everyone has the right to a dignified death and if the person does not have a good quality of life and knows that the disease has no cure, it is better that she/he could decide to continue with the painful processes or die and end all the suffering that is feeling, not only she / he as a patient but also his family seeing a loved one in continuous agony.

An important point, is that the rejection of euthanasia in our country is based fundamentally on criteria of ethics and morality of the Catholic Church that attempt to impose itself on a population that no longer shares them and that calls into question the secularity of the state and its neutrality against religious convictions.

Also, if we are supposed to be free and the government is always looking for the common good, why euthanasia cannot be legalized if I am only ending my own suffering without harming others? It is not like everyone can ask for euthanasia, the people have to meet the requirements and go through a process for being accepted. Besides, people are not being obliged or forced  to apply the euthanasia, they can decide to continue the medical procedures or end with their life.

All of the above aims to raise awareness in the general community about this controversial issue so that it addresses it with the eyes of a patient with terminal illness and promote support for euthanasia's legalization.