We need to invest the money from government to test everyone asap to stop the virus. Test

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We need  to test everyone asap to stop the virus. Testing only people who traveled is not solving our problem. There are people who are not showing any symptoms and walking around and spreading the virus.  Canada will become Italy very soon if we dont take this seriously.  It is so wrong that they are sending people home with mild or no symptoms to self isolate those people are the one that spreading the virus.  There are excellent examples in on of the city in Italy and China on how they stoped the virus from spreading is that they have tested everyone and those tested positive placed in mandatory quarantine with strict measures that if they dont follow the rules could be facing charges and some countries even jail. Canada only recommends isolation not making strict measures so by doing  that how do you prove that those people wouldn't leave the house and go outside to transmit the virus.  We need to take serious actions soon or this will because worse. TEST,TEST,TEST EVERYONE