Introduce national day clean up and enforce laws related to waste disposal

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What can happen if we all rise up united to clean Zambia?
It was recently reported that the Rwandan government initiated something like the similar cleaning developments currently happening in Lusaka, where citizens are supposed to contribute to the national clean-up in whichever way possible. So, I wish and request from the government if they could consider this in the 2018/19 plan and initiate a similar action like this and come up with a particular day in every 4months. so that everyone contributes in whichever way possible including other defense forces, students, and others in order to help clean the country through various means. To be specific, help can be through monetary, sensitization, advertisement, food and refreshments to those volunteering help through labor (collection process) and also company’s aids (through corporate-social responsibilities) which would benefit both the companies with free-advertisement from structures established or items rendered indicating their sources and citizen living in a health environment. I Am always thrilled by situations when the defense force and other companies lead to engage in the activities to improve something, let say sanitation and others environmental issues.
The concerned public are suggesting that the solution to all this can be achieved through the enforcement of the laws in this regard and improved sensitization strategies?
The minister earlier elaborated among the challenges of 2016/2017 that there was in adequate enforcement of statutes that govern the implementation of solid waste management and as far as I can remember not much have been done on this particular challenge since and if nothing changes, we are aware to this again. When is it going to be enforce and revised by the concerned agency? For the reason behind this, lies the solution of strengthening the enforcement and implementation of both the EPPCA and By-laws which has always been a cardinal issue for the government would thereafter make Zambia clean and a health environment...​
Another pressing issue stated in the 2016/2017 challenges is Poor adherence by people to responsible waste management disposal Practices. Well this can continue for a long time, unless we stand united and massive make awareness campaigns possible .for this, will enable people to understand the development and learn the legal laws instigated .again on the other hand, honestly how can the state expect the populace(with no knowledge) to manage waste without making this efforts of sensitization on the need to improve the health standards through means possible.aid by the state, let say providing the enough waste container (though only available in a few areas) and bins, or even coming up with a strategy to rehearse with the populace concerning this and see later the outcomes, if that is not enough financially, partnerships is more convenient through the private-public partnership and enforce the laws stated as follows e.g. 134 No. 135 of 2011] Environmental Management
54 (1) A person shall not collect, transport, sort, recover, treat, store, dispose of, or otherwise manage waste in a manner that results in an adverse effect, or creates a significant risk of an adverse effect occurring.
(2) A person who produces, collects, recovers, transports, keeps, treats or disposes of waste shall take all reasonable measures to prevent any other person contravening subsection (1) in relation to that waste.
All these laws laid above are inevitable to break by almost all Zambians, but it is far much better to start something and later this will enable a lot of people to orient their mind towards this small development, once the awareness is made possible through various social  and other media platforms known e. g SMS bulk, online adverts, radio. television and newspaper etc.
Well as a student, I see an opportunity to maximize only if we can be considered in the youth development funding and present our developmental strategies concerned to this sector.
This time can be the best time to start this…if we really care for our people!
What’s starts here in Lusaka, can really change the world around us.
CBU student,
ZANEEP waste management project coordinator

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