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Consistent funding for a Diabetes Prevention Program in Moosonee, Ontario.

The community of Moosonee has a high rate of type 2 diabetes, with an alarming rate of amputees due to diabetes-related complications. Furthermore, there is also an increasing rate of children who are now being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a disease previously only seen in adults.

APANO is a charitable not-for-profit organization that currently provides the following activities and events in Moosonee to address these issues. The following events would NOT have happened without government funding for a Diabetes Prevention Program. More importantly, these opportunities will not be available to this community without ongoing government funding.

APANO currently provides the ONLY Diabetes Prevention Program in the community of Moosonee.

Opportunities that have been offered in Moosonee by the APANO Diabetes Prevention Program are as follows:

• Basketball Skills Development Summer Camp (2011)
• Women’s Fitness Program
• Moosonee Community Garden
• After-School Program (MPS & BBS)
• Soccer Coaching Clinic (April 2013)
• Soccer Skills Development Camp (April 2013)
• Yoga classes
• Seasonal Family Activities & Events
• Diabetes Awareness Presentations
• Healthy Eating presentations
• Transportation provided for Summer Solstice Challenge (3km / 5km / 10km Run) in
Moose Factory
• Moosonee Running Club
• Dance Camp (June 2013)
• Nordic Pole Walking

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