Treat every patient who are going die by dangerous disease with nervous block pain relief

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I couldn’t save my father, but I need your help to make sure no one else suffers like he did. My father JUTTUGA SURYA NARAYANA was a business man.
He was suffered with bone cancer when he was 45. At the end of second stage doctors find that my father have a bone cancer immediately he was go to Mumbai Tata Hospital and later go to Hyderabad Kims Hospital, he take all treatments to survive like Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy but no use after 6 months doctor say to my mother he live only 5 months take care of him. Total family was in shock,we don't have a hope also.
In the last 5 months of my father life, he struggled with a lot of pain which he can't bare always he shouted suddenly with the day he express how he was suffering with the pain if we eat the hen with out killing it when it is alive then how much pain that hen have, i am also suffering like that he say to my family. Many times he asks poison to kill himself because he can't bare the pain. He don't have capacity to walk also in last three months we can't do anything only using some pain killer because we don't know anything at that time in may 2016 he was expired.
After one year i read an article about pain killing treatments which was cure the pain by Nerves Block, it will not cure the disease but it decreases the pain of the patients. Nervous Block Treatment and Palliative Treatment will manage the pain, so patient have some peaceful life at the ending days.
World health Organization (WHO) warned many countries about the situation of the patients who are going to die in that India also their because many people in India don't know about this pain management treatment so many people in our country was died by experiencing a lot of pain and some member will know about the treatment also they will not take by their poor background. many doctors also don't know about this treatment so they don't guide anyone
By the Sign my petition i want to ask the Ministry of Health to provide basic medical facilities at all hospitals across India.from past one year i was send this complaint through gmail to many people in that prime Minister narendra modi, many chief Ministers, health Ministers and also to many newspapers but no use now i have a hope on change org petition.
So our government want to give guidelines to the doctors and patient by pass some rules like
* suggest the doctor to give this treatments who are going to die.
* Give the treatment with cheap cost because patient will already paid a lot of money to cure the disease.
* Conduct the survey about about how patients are died by experiencing this problem.
* Give some benefits to the patient from government side like providing money, medical benefits and provide the treatment in all possible hospital.
* Take the suggestion from the experts how to reach the patient to give this treatment.
I can not bring back my father. Through this petition I want to make sure that no one else has to lose a loved one under such tragic circumstances.
Thank you for your support,