Statutory warning on cosmetics and personal care products containing harmful chemicals.

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We know that skin is the largest organ of our body.Unknowingly we keep rubbing harmful chemicals present in creams, shampoos and personal care products.In order to protect users from harmful chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products and also home care products like dish wash, the products containing potentially harmful chemicals should carry a statutory warning.

Chemicals such as Sodium Laureth sulphate and its derivatives are carcinogenic.It is one of the main ingredient in personal and home care products. Many chemicals and preservatives are proving to be carcinogenic. Cancer has almost become an epidemic in our country and we have also seen a steep rise in autism cases world over.Chemicals in toiletries are one of the potential causes for triggering Autism and psorisis.

Preservatives like Trichlosan and Sodium benzoate are known to cause ADHD in young children thus hampering  learning. Exposure to chemicals is a potential trigger for many health conditions among children and adults.

The awareness on potentially harmful chemicals will help prevent water pollution of natural resources.Sewage from household and waste water gets fed into rivers/ canals and such warnings will also prevent soil pollution as chemicals remain in soil once the water gets evaporated.It is time we took steps towards health and environment protection for a healthy happy future of Earth and mankind.