Removal of pet or stray dogs from neighborhood and streets to prevent dog bites fatalities

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Dog bites is a perennial problem and happens everywhere. Many a times it is extremely fatal leading to death. Very recently at Bhopal a small child was bitten by many stray dogs at a time leading to death. In India more than 25000 dog bite case lead to death. This is serious. Corporations don't seam to be doing to arrest this serious social issue. Many a laws have been made to protect animals and their rights but they do not protect human beings from getting attacked by them. Isn't it injustice towards the society? Isn't it violates human rights to life, liberty, property and security of an individual. Life of human is more valuable and any being causing grave injuries is punishable under law. In case of dog bites similar action need to be taken by concerned authorities. In many cases it is noticed that no action is taken to remove or else in case of pets no matter how ferocious and harmful they are. Time has come to take strong action to remove dogs who are reported causing injury to human life and endangering the society at large irrespective of whether they are stray or pets and to amend the Animal Rights laws to safeguard the society. I am moving this petition because grave and severe injuries have been caused by a pet dog in our neighborhood to my wife which fortunately saved herself somehow from its claws. I do not want that such incidents should happen with others. Keeping this in mind I thought that I should move this petition to which I request all to sign so that it reaches to the Minister of Health and Family Welfare for taking strict and appropriate action in this regard. Thanks