Period Leave Policy in India for working Womens .

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Pre-menstrual and menstrual cramps are, at best, discomforting and, at worst, debilitating.Women who suffer from painful periods pop a painkiller and continue with their work day.
Besides, there are the trips to the washroom to change the sanitary napkin and the constant back-of-the-mind worry that one's clothes may get accidentally stained.In unorganized sector conditions are much worse.

Other than this very important and unseen problems are related to women's overall mental and physical health. Their are mood swings, hormonal changes etc. which are not seen or explained. As per research 50% of incidents of infertility in women's is cause of infection caused during periods at some stage.

This is the time when she needs to take more rest mentally and physically.Some women do take the first day off. But how often can you keep taking sick leave because you have your periods?

In 2007, sportswear brand Nike introduced menstrual leave for its workers worldwide. They believe this will improve their female staffs mental and physical health thus improving their working capabilities and output;  and this leaves does not affect companies productivity over all in any way.

The Japanese were the first to introduce menstrual leave for working women in 1947.

Indonesia allows menstruating women to take two work days off every month.

Companies in South Korea allot up to 33 health-related leaves for women, which includes three days of menstrual leave.

Is India still behind?