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Request To reduce the cost of diabetes test strips or to extend their validity of strips.

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The cost of Diabetes test strip is considerably high that one strip costs upto 40-100₹ or even if its cheap the validity of the strips is such that sometimes you cant finish the stips within the given period of the validity sometimes even more than half remain expired and when you are checking blood glucose level you have to di it twice that is with fasting and another is after eating that may approximately cost 40+40=80 so sometimes it is not so affordable for all and when we go out to check the sugar level in pathological lab it to costs pretty high so which cannot be accesed by all even though they suffer from the dissorder they ignore it and never check  the blood glocose level and then onley get notified when its too damn high i got to know about the issue when my dad got effected of the disorder so when he purchased the glucometer later came to know that the test of the strips is too high so i thought what may be the condition of the people who are too poor but are diabetic so thought to prepare a petition on that some of them gather money and purchase the glucometer to check glucose level regularly but hesitate to check because of the cost of the test strips are hitting sky so i request everyone please sign the petition and help to reduce the cost of test strips and even the glucometer so that it can be acceciable to all who are diabetic and can keep they blood sugar level in control before its too late.

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