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Easily erasable ink for the expiry date printing on medicine strip !!!!!

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Being educated people we all rely on the expiry date printed on medicine strip. But do you know this text is written with a special ink that can be easily erased and washed out completely just by rubbing it with any spirit or alcoholic solution/liquid like - perfume, nail polish remover, alcohol, spirit based cleaner/thinner . I personally tested it on a medicine foil. Anyone can try the same to validate the point. 

This printing is not something that is unavoidable, but a intelligent piece work to deceive consumer. The main goal of the big market of pharmaceutical industry is to make money even by selling rotten products. 

I request the Ministry of Health to impose strong law to  print expiry date with permanent ink. 

Please join hands for the great cause ..


Biprangshu Saha

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