Doctors facing pay cuts

Doctors facing pay cuts

6 June 2021
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Harsh Vardhan , Dr.
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Why this petition matters

Started by Aman kumar

If we don't save our doctors today, we won't survive tomorrow.

Indian doctors and nurses are working to fight the coronavirus pandemic are now facing huge salary cuts and going home with delayed salary payments  while the government adjusts expenditure against falling revenue. while our doctors are saving us, our government must save them from corrupt organization and incompetent authority.

In Kolkata, the capital of yet another covid hotspot West Bengal, as many as 500 nurses have left for their homes after they were asked to work with protective gear and any pay. Some of the nurses who were from Manipur say they were heckled and called “corona” and “chinese.”

Last year, they were just numbers for me. This year those numbers have names and faces. I am talking about the people dying from COVID every day and the only people who can save us are doctors.

A third wave is waiting to hit us. We cannot remain at peace till every hospital is equipped to handle the pandemic and that can only happen when our doctors and nurses are over #profit.

let’s take our grief, anger and desperation and turn it into action. Let’s call out the greed that is preventing pay cuts, so that every single life can be saved.     

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As I approach Indian authorities, your support will really help this cause go a long way. Losing is simply not an option. 

Thank you for taking action,

Aman kumar




Support now
Signatures: 1,129Next Goal: 1,500
Support now

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