Declare hospitals as special zones to prevent violence against healthcare workers

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Prevent Healthcare Violence by declaring Hospitals as special  zones (like airports) 

Hospitals and clinics in India are crowded places. Doctors and nurses struggle to help patients using the limited facilities. 

The human body is not a man-made object that can be repaired like a car or computer. Bad outcomes can occur despite best efforts, and are not necessarily due to someone’s fault. Unfortunately, dissatisfaction in healthcare is occasionally converted into violence. 

Violence is not only wrong and unlawful, but also counterproductive in healthcare settings, as doctors become unwilling to take risks especially for more serious patients. This causes patients to suffer.

However, current laws are not effective in preventing such attacks. 

Violence doesn’t occur in airports because they are special zones. Likewise, hospitals must be declared special zones, so that doctors and nurses can work sincerely without fear.

All grievances can be addressed peacefully by appropriate local forums, so that any deficiencies can be systematically corrected, thus benefitting future patients.  

Dr Rajeev Jayadevan 

President, Indian Medical Association Cochin