Ban pesticides! Clean food is our children’s right!

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We mothers, play a pivotal role in nurturing our children making sure they receive the right nutrition. We own the responsibility, as parents, to feed our children a holistic diet for their health and overall development. But how healthy is the food we consume today? The real question is, even if they’re healthy, are they clean? By clean food, we mean, is the food we consume free of chemicals, pesticides, artificial ingredients and harmful additives? As a parent, I am deeply concerned.

There is enough and more research done to establish harmful effects of chemicals and pesticides used in growing crops. Exposure to pesticides and other pollutants in food hampers cell development and can damage certain vital organs in the long run. They infiltrate into the DNA and tamper the genetic makeup. Harmful mutations may pose the risk of genetic disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, reproductive dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease, birth defects, and several types of cancers. It can also induce respiratory disorders, asthma, lung cancer, learning and developmental disorders, and other immune system disorders.

That’s why we need food that’s grown without any interference of pesticides, insecticides, harmful chemicals or that contains additives and artificial colours. We need clean food! It is our children’s right! It is our right! Let’s raise our voice against unhealthy food and unhealthy practices

I request you to support me in raising awareness about the importance of eating clean. I urge you to sign this petition to (the government/minister of health) to ban the use of the following chemicals in food or commercial crops: -

1) Carbendazim

2) Chlorpyriphos

3) Monocrotophos

4) Dimethoate

Let’s join together to create a healthier today and tomorrow for our children.