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Strict action on smoking in Public

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The Government of India introduced a ban on 2 October 2008 which restricted smoking in Public according to which if a person is caught smoking in any public place , he will be levied a fine of just mere Rs. 200. But today that rule has vanished. People smoke in public as if its their home. The consequence of inhaling this polluted air emerging from a cigarette is way more dangerous than smoking itself. Due to this the life of children, infants and elders all alike is in risk. Due to the second hand smoking many people have died which accounts to almost 53,000 per year. Second hand smoking does not just cause lung cancer but also many cases have been registered where in people have died due to heart related diseases because of inhaling this air. We also come across many people in our daily life wherein we see people smoking happily and we breathe that polluted air which risks our life. When a law has been made for something then it should be acted upon. If we want to breathe some good air  in our future then we have to place a full BAN on public smoking Now! A mere amount of Rs.200 will not compensate it. The law should be made strict and people should be made to follow it so that if not us, at least our future generation could breathe healthy air.

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