Anti Bullying Laws for high schools to be made more strict

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In 2015 HRD ministry directed CBSE schools to form anti-ragging committees at school level also putting severe punishments to students indulging in bullying and the punishment may vary to rustication in rarest of rare cases. There should be notice boards warning students from involving in ragging or bullying. Though steps have been taken, but is not being implemented properly as you would also be aware of. If not, go and ask your teacher about the Anti Bullying Policy in your school. 

“Now the Question arises, why should the Indian penal laws not apply to a school? You may say that the school boys are only in late teens but do not forget that there are several crimes in various cities including murders which are committed by teenagers today”

These words raise a serious question on the safety of the youths of the country. 


(Source: ipleaders blog)