Bring Nepalese Back Home!

Bring Nepalese Back Home!

April 2, 2020
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nepal
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Started by Priti Thapa

Hon’ble Mr. Ram Bahadur Thapa (Badal)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Singhdurbar, Kathmandu


H.E. Mr. Nilamber Acharya
Embassy in Nepal
New Delhi, India

With the lockdown due to the ongoing global pandemic has meant that thousands of Nepalese, who wants to return home, are stranded at no man's land. We read news about the horrific status of Nepalese every day, especially the working-class group, trapped in different parts of India and also border points. The physical and emotional trauma of living in a foreign soil with no supply of food nor roof above the head. Far from their homeland with a constant fear of losing life to hunger plus being denied entry by its own country is more of a harrowing situation than the COVID 19 pandemic for them.

The Nepal Government successfully evacuated 175 Nepali nationals from China and it was a commendable job. But on the other hand, the less fortunate working-class still stranded in Southern neighbor country is completely neglected. They are the ones who are much more vulnerable while the COVID-19 pandemic continues its exponential growth. The Government of Nepal must act now so that its helpless people can come back to their families. 

We also pledge that the Nepal Government works with other governments to ensure the protection of its citizens abroad.

News source:

Nepal Abandons Migrant Workers in Fight Against COVID-19

Hundreds of Nepalese stuck at India border amid COVID-19 lockdown

Nepal and India stop citizens from returning

Covid-19: Nepal Citizens Stranded At Delhi Border Due To Lockdown | ABP News

We are in this together and we will come out on the other side stronger.

Jay Nepal!

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Signatures: 74Next Goal: 100
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