Flights from India to China for work, business & family members.

Flights from India to China for work, business & family members.

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Honorable Minister of Civil Aviation & Minister of External Affairs,

This petition is on behalf of Indian nationals who:

Either Work in China as expats and/or local hires or study in China and,
Returned to India earlier in the year 2020 due to Covid-19 scare in China and,

Are currently still in India and,
Unable to return to China because of the continued ban on international flights to and from India


We request to kindly resume the regular international flights at the earliest possible dates. We understand that in current situation, it is not easy. However, to help stranded people like us whose jobs and education are at stake, kindly allow operation of special flights to China so that we can resume our studies/ work/ be reunited with our families.

There are many major countries that have already started their flight operations or have at least published a set of schedules and criterion for the resumption. However, we do not have any such information in India. Every month, the ban on international flights continues to get extended. At the very least please share the set of conditions that you are waiting to be fulfilled for you to consider reopening of international flights.

Due to this non-availability of flights, separated families are unable to be re-united.

Expats from other countries are being able to return to China. But we are not. This is impacting our capacity and efficiency of work. Moreover, it is becoming difficult to sustain our employment due to this reason. Several of us have even managed to receive an approved Invitation Letter from China FAO and our employers. However, due to non-availability of flights, we are not able to secure a visa. Due to this reason, Indian nationals are at a disadvantage as compared to nationals from other countries.

We request you to kindly empathize with us. Our families, livelihoods, education are at stake. Please reopen the international flights between India and China at the earliest possible and save us from any further agony.