Protest against violation and malpractice in Indian general insurance sector

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Dear sir,

With regret I,  naishadh desai, on and behalf of all surveyors,  Intermediatories  and policy holders is  forced to submit our plea to your self to have a look in to the matter and  impose strict methodology to remove any kind of malpractices and violation  carried out as regular practice in general insurance sector.

01. Remove restrictions if any imposed on intermediatories

02. Impose strict process to restrict any kind of mal practice and violation adopted by general insurer in India to grab business or to process the claim in unlawful manner.

03. Standardise renumeration to all intermediatories

04. Make claim settlement process unbiased and free from insurer"s unlawful methodology.

Hope you will initiate action and help the nation by making lawful insurance sector in India.

If needed please call on us for detail sunmisson and discussion regarding the issue of malpractice and violation becomes a regular practice in general insurance sectors and it's remedial actions like

01. One Nation one portal independent claim management system

02. Concept of correct pay assurance 

03. Similar policy for all intermediatories. 

Hope you will take up this matter on irgent basis 

Thanks and regards

On & behalf of all Intermediatories of eneral insurance sector of India

Naishadh desai