CPC for Indian PSU bankers

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India PSU bankers have proved their caliber every time they've been asked for be it govt. sponsored schemes or customer service. I know people will find it hard to believe but we're dying from inside (yes, you read it right).They get threatened by their higher officials in the name of targets (irrelevant ones), they've been forced for cross selling of non banking goods & services despite govt. has a separate dept. for them. Several bankers have committed suicide during past 5 years due to immense work pressure, not because we can't handle pressure ( e.g. Jandhan, demonitisation, Aadhaar seeding). They're being forced to sanction loans which are surely to become NPA (non performing assets). They're forced to sit beyond official timing ( a bank employee normally works for 10-12 hrs ) without any financial assistance. They're transferred thousands of kilometres away from their house ( male & female, married & unmarried), a place & branch with no basic amenities. They don't get leaves even if their parents expire even some lady employees had to face a tragedy like miscarriage due to the lack of maternity leave and pressure of work and targets. What did we do to deserve a life & job like this? What is our fault? . A bank clerk's starting pay is merely ₹ 11765 per month and an officer's is ₹ 23700. We studied day and night, beat thousands of aspirants, got a govt. job but believe me , we're still struggling to survive . Talking about perks, a clerk's annual medical allowance is ₹ 2200 and an officer's is ₹8000. Still everyday a banker serves with smile irrespective of customer's financial status ( believe me, we do ). Our union good for nothing, our management is no different .

Our salary is revised every 5 years (known as BIPARTITE SETTLEMENT), but everytime it gets delayed by a minimum of 1 year. Our last settlement (10th bipartite) was scheduled to be made in NOV 2012, was settled on NOV 2015 with a mere increment of ₹ 3000- 5000 .This time also our 11th Bipartite is pending since Nov 2017. We're kind of begging from govt., unions to take a fast decision . We've tried every platform ( tweets, facebook, media) but nobody gave a hint of listening. 

We can't reduce the workload, but yes we can make the lives of family a bit better by introduction of CENTRAL PAY COMMISSION. So if you care about humanity, if any bank employee has helped you, if any time you felt the need of a bank and got what you needed, if you ran out of cash and soon spotted an ATM, or short of cash and found a swipe machine at mall , hospital. Please sign this petition . Have thousands things to write, but now I leave to your fine judgement.

Thanks for your time.

An underpaid Indian banker

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