People friendly IT slab - Minimize the tax rate or increase the Tax slab

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As per current Income tax plan(both tax rate and tax slab) of government of India is very much painful for middle class people or middle income group mass. Example income tax rate is 5% for income range of 250000 to 500000. But the very next level tax rate is 20% for income range of 500000 to 1000000. And very absurd and mindless tax rate of 30% for rest of other income range I.e income above 1000000. This is very much painful for individuals to pay such a high rate of income tax which is planned in very irrational way. I appeal to bring down the income tax rate such as 5%, 10%, 20% & 30% or increase the income tax slab such as up to 500000 no tax, 500000 to 1000000 it's 10%, similarly 1000000 to 2000000 it's 20% and above 2000000 income tax rate will be 30%.