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Ensure 24 hours functioning of ATMs; Provide sufficient cash in all ATMs and Banks

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People of the country have been facing greatest hardships and put into miserable conditions to draw cash from their bank accounts and particularly from ATMs.

Our prime minister announced the demonetization of Rs.1000 and Rs.500 notes on November 08, 2016 and appealed the people of the country,  to bear with the inconvenience as patriot citizens in the war against corruption, black money, terror financing. People believed. Many people died in queue in front of bank branches and ATMs while exchanging the demonetized notes and withdrawing the petty amounts. Many bank employees also lost their lives due to the unimaginable and unwarranted pressure of work in serving the customers without any resistance and revolt.  Government clearly told that the situation will be improved within 50 days. People respected the assurances.  But poor, middle class, small, medium entrepreneurs, petty business men, pensioners and salaried people are still facing those inhuman conditions even after six months of demonetization. The total money withdrawn from circulation in the name of demonetization is not yet substituted.

We the citizens of country demand you to take immediate steps and see that sufficient cash is supplied to banks and all ATMs are brought into normal functioning, so that customers will overcome the difficulties in drawing their hard earned legal money. We also demand you to allow people to exercise their choice as how to utilize their money, i.e., in the form of cash or digital transactions. People cannot be forced for the benefit of multinational corporations.

Please reopen all ATMs and supply sufficient cash to banks.

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