Exempt senior citizens from paying income tax entirely.

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Senior citizens country wide are severely handicapped due to the drastic reduction in interest from their savings. Those who could, until now, live comfortably off their life savings, invested prudently, are now having to depend on others to help them manage their day to day expenses. The sky rocketing cost of living and healthcare is further impeding them from being able to live their lives with dignity and self respect. Spiralling and uncontrolled expenses for vegetables, staples, transport, medication, basic amenities, home care and nursing, are all matters to be looked into with urgency and our voices need to reach the policy makers immediately. The voices of severely affected senior citizens have remained ignored and unheard for decades. Never before has living been this difficult. With longevity becoming the norm, how are our elders supposed to manage their finances with interest rates dropping rapidly. Little thought has been given to this group of people who are suffering endlessly due to the complete lack of concern towards them and their needs. The aging population in India is increasing manifold and their needs must be addressed with the compassion and empathy it deserves. There is no time to be lost.