Do not stop BC's Speculation Tax

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The BC Government has proposed what they call a "Speculation" Tax in their 2018 Budget. The objective of this tax is to

  • Prevent "foreign" real estate owners from driving up the price of BC real estate by purchasing BC real estate, leaving the properties vacant and then flipping the properties simply to make a profit, thereby driving BC real estate prices higher.
  • Improve the rental vacancy rate

Do you feel like you're being treated like a speculator in your own province?" Non Sense.

Those who purchase properties as their principal residence (which is the majority), raising families, or working towards it are not affected least bit by the speculator tax, and need not to worry and are unaware of the details.

The only people crying foul are those individuals whom have turned the BC Housing Market into a high rolling casino.

Therefore, If anyone's involved in flipping properties, multiple pre-sale, multiple assignment contracts. Clearly, they are not getting into housing market to raise families.

In fact what they are doing is to profit enormously at the expense of those who bust simply wishing to work, pay taxes, and raise their families peacefully within certain financial means.

There should be no sympathies for speculators, and if any speculators looking for sympathies they can look it up in the dictionary, its between shit and syphilis!

There are a group of people who owns empty homes in BC and they are trying to file the petition to stop this speculation tax which we don't want.

We are in full support of speculation tax.

BC Residents: Please sign this petition