Complaint Against "Indusind Bank" Cheating nature & White Collar Crime

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Gudivaka Srinivasa Rao started this petition to Ministry of Finance

Namasthe Friends,

1.This is Gudivaka Srinivasa Rao from Vijayawada.We took loan from "Indusind Bank" in 2015 in the name of our Firm and in 2017 the said firm has been closed and immediately the same thing has been informed to the Bank and asking them to change the loan name to another firm from the last 2years but of no use.....We don't know why they are so reluctant in attending this work.

2."Indusind Bank" is not giving replies for our queries from the last 2years.Nodal Officer,Headservice & Managing Director....whenever we ask some queries related to our loan,they simply give acknowledgement , they won't give replies.....What to do?

3."Indusind Bank" has cheated me in so many ways. At the time of processing of our loan ,they said that no FORE CLOSURE Charges but now they are saying that see carefully the sanction letter which is not in a Readable condition(small font size).As I explained in point no.1 , for changing the loan name from one firm to another firm (Non-Individual to Non-Individual), the bank is asking us ti close the loan and take another loan freshly with another firm name for which the said Bank will charge Fore closure charges @ 4% on outstanding amount and 1% as processing fee for the new loan.All these will damage me to the extent of around Rs.4Lakhs.We are asking Indusind Bank to provide me the documentary proof for thus, i.e to change the loan name the procedure you follow and where it is mentioned in our loan agreement.For this they are not responding at all....What to do?

4.Indusind Bank is not doing its Banking Business in a fair manner.Cheating its Customers leaving all business values and ethics to air.No Transperancy and Accountability in its business.Very reckless and negligence in attending its Customer Problems.

5.RBI is in Elephant Sleep.If it facts like regulatory authority over Banks,the bank like Indusind Bank can't play games like these with its customers. Kindly make a note of it.

6.Recently RBI has been decreasing its Repo Rates continuosly for the last 3 Quarters and aking all the Banks to pass this benefits to its customers by reducing the Rate of Interest for the ongoing loans like my loan.....In contrast to this, Indusind Bank has increased the Rate of Interest for my loan from 10.25% to 11.20%(Severe blow for me and surprised for this)  that too "without Intimation" as a bumper gift for me because of asking all these Rules & Regulations,kindly make a note of it.


FRIENDS....Kindly advice me how to get Justice.

Iam helpless and tired in fighting with Indusind Bank (Hinduja Group)....Apply Apply - No Reply.

Kindly do the needful.


Gudivaka Srinivasa Rao.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!