5 Days Banking for Public Sector Banks in India

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Five Day Week: Keeping in view the scientific practices prevailing across the countries, the demand for Five days week was originally placed in the 10th BPS, when 2nd and 4th Saturdays were declared as holidays. At present, it has become a priority, which is likely to bring many positive effects, such as increased productivity, improved job satisfaction and morale, decreased absenteeism, reduced energy costs and work-life balance. Globally, the organizations work 5 days a week. The working conditions in the Banks have been strenuous. Poor infrastructure, lack of adequate staff has made the officers till late in the night, resulting in poor health, huge pressure on the officers, which culminates in serious work-leisure mismatches, life style diseases and of late, repeated acts of suicides being committed by the officers of the Banks. Officers are called upon to work on holidays and Sundays, frequently disrupting the personal life. On account of this, officers are being burnt-out, unable to justify themselves in their family. Introduction of Five-Day Week will not only result in savings to the organization in terms of overheads and bring in a human element in the officers’ lives, but also would enable a meaningful social life – which in turn will result in higher efficiency in work place. 5 Days’ week will also rejuvenate many other commercial sectors/activities of the economy. A positive move in this regard would be hailed by one and all. The matter may please be addressed at the earliest.