Reduce Plastic Pollution... Ban plastic packaging.. Come forward to appeal to ministry of welfare and health

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The plastic is engulfing our land, our sea and our air . Lets all come forward... to ban plastic bags and also request our ministry of health and family welfare to ban  plastic packaging. I need your support. Let's do it for us, for the future generations. Earth is crying for our help.

From Maggi to kurkure to lays to biscuits to toffees let it all come in paper or cardboard packing.

If we don't take a step believe me.. we will give HELL  on the name of our mother earth to our children and they will be cursed. Delhi is a victim of air pollution and now we realise wen damage is being done to us and children. Same is for plastic... It doesn't matters because only fish are dying..  Or birds or just heaps on the roads ... A time will come wen we will die because of plastic pollution... Our seas will be water .. Our animals will die... Imbalanced ecosystem... Our lands will be barren... 

Please wake up .. 

Let's request government to do its bit.. Ban plastic packaging . We want paper packing or cloth packing. 

Please sign this petition as your gratitude to this earth and as your duty towards your children