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Thousands of Indian students and working peoples overseas(including mine daughter and another 3 friends's children ) studying in various universities in the world and employed overseas are stranded due to the restrictions imposed because of the COVID 19 pandemic spread and cannot return back to India . Most of them do not have any family or local guardians . Students who were staying on campus have been asked to vacate their premises and have to be fend for themselves . 
The situation across the world has worsened and this has caused a lot of stress and anxiety amongst them and their families back home . Most students and indian staying single are feeling extremely lonely  and depressed.They are dealing with fear and insecurity about their health and future. They face grim prospects of food scarcity and personal safety amongst other challenges . 

This petition would like a change in terms of an immediate evacuation plan to bring them back to India . There have been similar efforts done by the Govt of India for Europe and Iran and even few days before, British Nationals were brought back by 5 to 7 special charter flight to their home country as per UK government initiative.

There is a sizeable number of Indian students and working people spread throughout the world  ( Canada/ United Kingdom / USA/Australia/UAE etc ) . Special arrangements need to be made to fly them out to India from any suitable destination at the earliest . Off course, they shall be put to/placed under compulsory quarantine, once they reaches destination here, as Safety can’t be compromised- no issues whatsoever in same. This needs to be seen as an emergency situation keeping the safety and welfare of Indian students and people working overseas staying single without families.