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#SimindersFightforJustice: Re-unite Anhad with his mom!

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"Anhad, my little 23-month old son, he was all of 14 months when we flew from the US to India for a family wedding. I breastfed him for 15 months, through his eczema and milk allergies… UNTIL, one day when he was snatched away from me by the people I trusted. Barring a 2-hour court-supervised visit last month, it has been 8 long months since I saw him, played with him, fed him, cuddled him, put him to sleep. My husband and in-laws played dirty and back-stabbed me.

They coerced and manipulatively convinced me to leave my US-born son in Mohali, India with them while my husband and I could return to the Memphis, TN to “work” on our troubled marriage. With a heavy inconsolable heart, I left my 15-month old son Anhad in his sleep on November 27 2015, together with my husband, not knowing that I will have to wait for so long to hold him again. I meekly submitted to my husband’s wishes and returned to the US. Only when I repeatedly begged my husband to get Anhad back, did I realize that he had no intention of bringing Anhad back.


It had been a ploy all along! On Apr 21, 2016, I was homeward bound in a desperate attempt to get my son back; with only one-week vacation in hand and a return ticket for me and Anhad. To my shock, my in-laws used local police to threaten me from entering my matrimonial home, to meet my own son. The police, instead of helping me, advised me to get a court order to see MY OWN SON! Wasn’t this the same Indian police that verified that I live in that home before issuing me a passport!?! While my husband continues to mislead the Indian courts by concocted stories and by going back to US to save his job, my son remains locked indoors 24/7 with my in-laws in Mohali, India.

I have been in India for the last 3 months, BEGGING FOR HELP, from Mohali police, Indian courts, Indian Government, US Consulate, US congressmen, US government, NCW, other NGOs, neighbors, common friends, religious workers, strangers, media. And yet, I am still running with no end in sight. I’m now on the very verge of losing my job in the US. My in-laws continue to harass me by pressing false charges/ frivolous police complaints & allegations against me and my family. When I humbly asked for my toddler son’s well-being and weight/ height/ development, my father-in-law asked me to get a court order.

As outraged and hurt I am, I have learnt that I am not the first Indian mother in this position. India is NOT a signatory to The Hague Convention yet. The Hague Convention, to which countries are signatories, protects children from the harmful effects of international abduction by a parent, by encouraging the prompt return of abducted children to their country of habitual residence.   Anhad turns 2 on August 15th, 2016, the day India secured independence from its abductors. Can India give my son the independence from his abductors? I am NOT a criminal, mentally unsound person, or drug abuser/ addict; why, then, should I be away from my child for so long? This is NOT a divorce or custody battle; I am still married to my husband. This is a case of international parental child abduction. Why, then, is the police NOT HELPING ME? Don’t the police in India protect the mothers? Why do I have to fight for my rights in courts? I am deeply saddened that I have to spell out the rights and feelings of a mother.

Today, I pray to God almighty that no other parent goes through such an ordeal and trauma. The picture you see here is of me standing in a park nearby. Will I be able to bring Anhad here, one day? Watch him giggle as he slides down that slide? With tears in my life, I lay my entire life here for any public scrutiny, and plead for just one thing. Please help me re-unite with Anhad, my Life!!"

~ Siminder kaur

The Humanity Mirror

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