Corruption in Police and LIU Verification when applying for passport should be stopped

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As we all know passport facility in India has been improved a lot now every thing is transparent and is quite easy to apply for a passport as compare to the old procedure, but the problem occurs when there is police and LIU verification for approval of passport that is mandatory for all to get the passport but the problem occurs here now a days trend has become that when this verification is done we need to pay 500-1000 rs to police and 500-1000 rs to LIU officer. In the fear of rejection of passport verification. We think that if we will not give them some money than our file will be rejected due to any uncertain and unreal reason that force people to give them money they demand. If we are moving towards Digital India some steps should be taken for this problem as this is the open corruption that is been going in the system and non of us can deny this reality.So today, I am filling this petition and want to be the voice of lakhs of people that face this situation. Roughly around 60-70 lakh passport are applied in a year and when you multiply this with the verification cost of Rs 1000 to police and Rs 1000 to LIU than it sum upto 14 thousand crore which is a huge amount of corruption done in 1 year. So strict steps should be taken to save Indian citizen from this high corruption.