Revoke Ex-Ambassador Ronen Sen's Padma Award over Visa Fraud favoring X-tian Missionaries

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India has one of the oldest indigenous cultures, which is already facing a great extinction threat. Ronen Sen, a very well known veteran diplomat and India's ex-Ambassador to the US from May 2004-2009, took the law into his hands and issued 200 + visas to Foreign Christian missionaries to enter into India to build their empire. (According to the Former US Senator Gordon Smith). There is a reason that India has the law for not letting foreign missionaries to enter the country, but Mr. Sen used his power and paved a path for Church of the Latter-Day-Saints headquartered in Utah to enter India for conversion activities. As Per 2018 figures, there are said to be almost 14,000 members of the LDS Church in India. A Mormon temple was proposed to be constructed in Bengaluru as of 2018.

Ronen Sen has hurt the Indian Govt and the people of India in a big way through his irresponsible actions. It would be a shame for the entire nation if an individual carrying a Padmabhushan, India's highest civilian award, is found guilty of colluding with missionaries from the west who have been severely restricted from entering India. In the light of this expose, the award should be immediately revoked, and a detailed inquiry launched on this issue so that the culprits are punished for their wrongdoing.