Investigation against Tanvi Seth/Shadia Anas Siddique for falsely accusing Vikas Mishra

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Name on passport application form - Tanvi Seth

Name on voter ID - Tanvi Anas

Name on Aadhar card - Tanvi Anas Siddique

Name on Capgemini badge - Tanvi Seth

Name on Nikaahnama - Shadia Anas Siddique

She deserve 5 passports ?


If an honest passport officer like Mr. Vikas Mishra questions her, Minister of External Affairs will give punishment transfer to him just because a female applicant complained on Twitter against the officer

Minister of External Affairs transferred the officer straight away !!!

     From all sources of information and from testimony of eyewitnesses it is but obvious that :

1)  Mr. Vikas Mishra acted as per rules

2)  He didn’t misbehaved at any stage in fact woman herself was loud

3)  He didn’t raised any communal / religion issue

 Mr. Vikas Mishra has acted as per rules and has shown his dedication and responsibility towards work by safeguarding interest of our country but in return he received communal tag, public / media humiliation and transfer for putting a hold on passport as he rightly deemed it appropriate.


 Few of the facts that deserve close attention :-

1)  Alleged victim has multiple names Mrs. Tanvi Seth and Mrs. Shadia Anas Siddique and she refused to endorse her other name in the passport.

2)  Passport officer was absolutely correct in raising concern and in fact question should be asked why she doesn’t want to endorse her other name in passport.

4)  Alleged victim claimed that Mr. Vikas Mishra asked her husband to change his religion. Which is baseless based on eyewitnesses and also doesn’t make any sense in the context.

5)  Alleged victim went public with a false and sympathetic story and created a communal issue out of nowhere to pressurize government.

8)  Alleged victim tried to play woman and communal victim card.

9)  No departmental inquiry conducted and no chance given to Mr. Vikas Mishra to reply, no one heard his side before transferring him.

10) Mr. Vikas Mishra has a  family, a reputation, his service record. This could have destroyed his career and reputation.  


We request Government of India and UP government to take following actions:

1)  Cancellation of transfer order of Mr. Vikas Mishra

2)  Thorough investigation of the charges alleged by the alleged victim.

3)  FIR against Mrs Tanvi Seth alias Shadia Anas Siddique as there are multiple violations and enough criminal provisions available to deal with it

        a)  Fraud in providing false information for getting passport ( Hiding other name in application for passport)

        b)  Deterring a government official in discharge of his duty.

        c)   Defaming an honest government official

        d)  False accusation on a person.

        e)  Endangering communal harmony.

 4)  Strict action against culprits so that people should not even consider playing victim card to take undue advantage.

5)  As matter has already been brought in public domain all investigation details should be available in public domain.

6) An official apology to Mr. Vikas Mishra for facing harassment and punishment due to unreasonable steps taken by ministry.   


 It is important to understand the gravity of issue and damage it will do if no corrective action is taken against them

1) In future passport officer cannot be held responsible if they issue passport even if they are suspicious about any document.

2) Alleged victim tried to destroy the peace and communal harmony of society by falsely accusing passport officer of making religious hate comments. Can this be pardoned?

3) There might be much more behind this than what it looks and may be even some terrorist plan involved behind it.

4) The audacity of alleged victim to be on wrong side of law and still go public playing victim card, which has become possible as they know they will not be punished even if they are caught playing communal card or female card.

5) Eagerness of mainstream media in promoting any issues which can be given communal angle without even properly verifying the truth and reality behind it.

6) If truth wouldn’t have come out by now, media would have crucified Hindus and Hinduism by now and labeled all Hindus as intolerant.

7) A wrong precedence will be set that anything can be achieved by playing communal or woman victim card and even when caught nothing will happen to them.

8) It makes life difficult for genuine nationalistic Muslim Indian as they will also be seen as playing victim card even in genuine need.

9) It is clear how over empowered communalism and over empowered feminism is destroying our society.

10)  A wrong precedence will be set that no action will be taken even if false accusation is discovered.


        Irrespective of all the claims and counterclaims, the emphasis should be that when anyone complains, there should be a fair and thorough investigation and not just punishment or transfer or reprimand based on a media trial. The harsh reality is that government or investigation agencies forget inquiry or investigation when the complainant is a woman and the accused man is assumed guilty unless acquitted by the court.

     It is very important to raise our voice and show our cumulative strength to send strong signal to the government so that it will help them in taking the step in right direction and give them support for action against real culprit. It is an appeal to everyone irrespective of their religion to support this petition.