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POLICE corrupted in Address verification for PASSPORT

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If you can't control petty corruption how can you control bigger corruptions, scams whatever you say please read it and support it and start changing the country, every year crores of people money wasting in the form of petty corruptions and crimes. Already some people boldly expressed their experience s in passport Now read it and support it.

From decades passport verification by police became corrupted. Even all the details of the applicant are correct police are taking bribes. As it is a police verification nobody opening their mouth against the corruption with the fear that it may prolong the verification and in fact it is true.

Of course government has taken good decisions for smoother passport application but the police verification became a biggest headache.

some silly reasons given by police:

even person is doing to and fro for the job he is asking to mention the address of the office where there is no option to fill the company address in the application when there is resident address.

asking bribes ranging from Rs.500/- to Rs. 3000/-

Here are some solutions that can be accepted by the government

  1. as police verification is mandatory police verification can be video recorded by the person, and can be submitted by the person to the passport office for getting their bribe money back. It is a practical fight against corruption.                                                                                                                         here some people get a doubt what he accepts the wrong passport by bribing, generally it wont happens as he wont put his job in risk by accepting a wrong person they will pain the correct people only who are having all the details correctly
  2. simply complaining against police is a never ending fight and it is not useful for the completion of our work (getting passport)
  3. again the police should write the reason in front of the applicant for rejecting the passport and then he have to take the signature of the candidate

Any body who are facing this problem and who faced the problem (already having passport) who want to see the country corruption free please support the petition as our country is large in all manner we can not simply fight all corruption but we can fight by divide and conquer like taking each and every corruption activity (like Passport problem)

Write any suggestion if to be corrected

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