Minimised FRRO Charges for Students

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 The Right to quality, affordable Education for all should not be neglected as it is the major reason for migration of African, Asian, Southern American, Northern American, European Students to India. We The Association of African Students in India (AASI) would like to call upon the government of India with the sole objective of ensuring students welfare, and a concern on the reasons for which the MHA and MEA may have taken the decision; but would like to emphasize that this action may discourage a lot of students and make them no longer believe in the system. With all sincerity we do request that the fees be reduced to an understandable rate that is affordable and seek the audience of the relevant authorities to further suggest possible ways agreeable to ensure students do not overstay. The India immigration has recently raised the fees for Visa extension, registration amongst various other charges like late registration from a minimal amount of $30 to $300 without considering the hardship faced by the students who cannot work or get any means of self sustainability. Students are being exploited and we do not see ourselves as oil Wells or gold mines but as Young individuals that seek knowledge which will help our furthering on the ideas and philosophies of the Global family and Global South Cooperation in mutuality and respect. We hope that our request be granted with utmost considerations.