Bring back Indian students and Temporary residents stuck in Australia!

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I am also an Indian Student who came to Sydney,Australia with the ambition to study and grow as an individual while working part time to support my day to day expenses like rent, groceries,etc. But in these times of Coronavirus or COVID-19 neither we are getting jobs nor we are able to attend any lectures on campus, both of which are the only things  that matter to any international student! For those who come here as temporary residents on a work visa come here to earn well for their families but many of them have lost their jobs due to which they are unable to work and Australia being an expensive country it is difficult to survive without a job or a good financial background. Also there is a shortage of basic Indian food supplies here like Dal,Rice,etc. which is making it even more difficult to survive here!

In these difficult times there are many Indian students and Indian citizens who are here to work who lost their jobs and are not able to even afford their food and due to the travel ban in India are not able to go back and are stuck here! We don’t mind being quarantined for 20 days once we are back in India, but we just want to come back so that we have a feeling if safety and home in these traumatic situation. Our families and friends are also terrified everyday by the thought of we being in a foreign land and vulnerable emotionally in theses hard times!

We humbly request our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji and Honourable Minister of External Affairs Subhramanyam Jaishankar ji  to please bring us back to our home and ensure the safety and well being of the fellow Indians who left home to bring a better future for them, their families, the society and the nation as a whole!