“Evacuate the stranded Indians in the other countries due to Coronavirus emergency”

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There are thousands of Indians stranded and helpless in other countries as there is a complete lockdown due to Coronavirus. Staying in a stranger country with no relative or family, having constant fear in mind, uncertainty of food and health is not only creating physical but mental torture as well for both ‘the families and the people stranded’. 

India being the only country who has imposed an international ban on flights which includes Indian residents too leaving no options and hope for Indians to come back. Indian tourists, students or anybody stranded urgently needs help of Indian Government as the local government can’t do anything for us. 

Me (Shruti Rastogi) and my husband (Somil Rastogi)are stranded in New Zealand and we have been trying really hard to come back which looks impossible because of International Ban of flights by India for everybody. There are no direct flights. Wherever it goes by transit, that nation has put another lockdown or emergency. We are locked in a room, with limited food supplies and nothing to do away from our families. There are hundreds of Indians stranded in New Zealand or in any other country who needs to be rescued. 

I plead the Indian Government to evacuate us from New Zealand and other stranded Indians from the same as well as help stranded Indians from other countries as soon as possible without taking weeks for a decision. 

We really need your help and want to stay with our families in this emergency and crises.