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Growing Stray Dog Menace in India

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"At least 16 people in Delhi died of rabies contracted from dog bites in the last year. According to a survey conducted by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, 30,608 cases of dog bites were reported from areas under its jurisdiction in 2012-2013, as against 17,634 cases the previous year."  - DailyMail

"Stray dog menace grips AIIMS: 25 bites a month and counting" - NDTV - Delhi

"Stray dog menace assumes alarming proportions in city" - TOI, Bhubneshwar

There numerous such articles coming in the newspaper form every corner of the country. These dangerous dogs have not only bitten adults and killed them but are responsible for butchering uncountable infants in the slum areas. While those living the posh localities among the highly trained security guards argue that dogs have the right to live among us fail to notice the fact that the growing number of these uncontrollable monsters is alarming.

Its not possible for every Municipal body in the city to keep check on each dog in its area and make sure that its vaccinated all the time. And because of these many of these wondering dogs are carry deadly diseases and pathogens. In the small localities these small groups of dogs have started behaving like goons of that area, they not trouble the passersby but they attack the pet dogs of the nearby houses.
After the recent law which doesn't allow the municipal bodies to catch these dogs and place them somewhere else, well, thanks to those dog lovers for that, the number of these stary dogs have been growing exponentially. Below are few incidents :-
Once near Sainikpuri area, Secunderabad, Telanagana a morning walker was attacked and killed by these murderers. In a shocking incident at Chandra Layout, a little girl was mauled to death by a pack of nine dogs. In another case, a school girl was attacked by a pack of dogs because she was carrying a Tiffin box. It has become dangerous not for the pedestrians but also who drive two-wheeler, for example one my friend had an severe accident where he had multiple fractures only because a stray dog jumped on to the road out of the blue and this guy being at good speed could not control the bike and fell on near by rocks. These encounters are on the road, there are stories of dogs attacking people at their house as well. For example some body parks their cars by the road on a regular basis these dogs take the shed underneath the vehicle, and when the owner comes near the car they attack the owner. We living in gated colonies or houses at better position, those living slums and huts are the worst hit people. There have been uncountable news of young infants being dragged, killer and eaten by these deadly monsters.
There are millions of such stories in every newspaper, news channels and social media. What are we waiting for? Waiting for the day when it becomes difficult for us to even come out of our houses? With all due respect to those who love dogs, we have only question/request for them please control these dogs if you can and if you cannot then please let the law takes it course.

I want to start this petition only spread awareness, alarm the government about this growing dangerous situation. The main reason behind such a menace is that we fail to check the increasing population of stray dogs. The city municipalities have there after successfully captured many stray dogs with the help of expect dog catchers, but were criticized for their cruel treatment and killing of the captive dogs by PETA and other animal rights activists. Surely must prevent stay dog menace effectively and scientifically, if we cannot kill them and at least catch them and provide them government shelter. In Western Europe, there are lot of associations for the welfare of abandoned pets and stray dogs. There are also centers for pet adoption. We hardly get to see any stray dogs or cats on the street there. We need to set up such welfare organizations and adoption centers for dogs in India too.
If we do not put a check on this the situation may become worse not only for human beings but also for the dogs as well. Sign my petition and let Govt. know that we all stand together against these biased law which gives all the rights to Stray dogs and leaves us to live in a fear and uncertainty . Also share it with your family and friends so that we have thousands of Indians demand to place interest of the common man.


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