Да го спасиме Преспанско Езеро од пресушување ( Save Prespa Lake from disappearing (MK))

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Nevena Todorovska
Nevena Todorovska signed this petition

Prespa Lake is one of the three natural lakes in the Republic of Macedonia. It has a very rich history and rich flora and fauna. The lake is a habitat for the Carp, which is the highest quality and representative fish of Lake Prespa. THE CURRENT CATASTROPHAL CONDITION OF GREAT PRESPA LAKE WITH reduced water level by 9 meters and volume by 50%, drawn coastline by 3.5 km, dried marshes, low flow of clean, fresh and rich water, concentration of sulphates and pesticides, shallow water, penetration of the sun's rays to the bottom, dislocation and increase of the amount and space with the presence of different types of algae, reduced water purity and more, IS VERY WORRYING and HORRIBLE for the Prespa Valley.

Let's sign this petition to remind those in charge of the Ministry of the Environment not to forget Lake Prespa and try to make every effort to save it from disappearing.

Natural and environmental disasters know NO political party, religion or nation, we please and ask to refrain from any negative comments. The change should begin primarily from us as individuals and then ask for support from larger institutions. That is why we please for gratitude and positive comments for our initiative. Thank you.

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