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"BICYCLE" for a fit you and healthy environment

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Since these years the amount of air pollution our country India is facing has increased to a great extent .Dominance of pollution as known has resulted to many diseases and deaths of the living.According to the Lancet study pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and death.India is ranked at the first position for pollution related deaths .One of the greatest reasons for pollution is our transport systems like cars and bikes.

Car pollutants are extremely hazardous for the environment and human health. Also engine noise from car,those continuous horns in traffic cause noise pollution.But there is a solution which we ignore.And the solution is using bicycles. Of course, it is not possible for long journeys but truly possible for people working nearby maximum 30 mins from their destination.A bicycle lover can choose this even for a long journey.If not for environment but for your self you should ride a bicycle to stay fit.It's a workout which probably wont't bore you.

Some of the benefits of riding a bicycle for you plus the environment:

  1. A bicycle is affordable than a bike or car.
  2. No meaningful pollution is produced.
  3. Even less in weight and thus less rough on roads.
  4. Help you stay fit and improve your overall health.
  5. Bicycles don't burn gasoline.
  6. Save fuel expenses
  7. Most importantly, study shows that bicycle commuters are healthier and healthy workers are better workers 

So now it's your choice to save yourself,your family and thousands of people around you who even if not contributing to pollution have to face the consequences #solutionforpollution

But to bring this in force the Ministry of environment should take some measures so that the use of bicycle is promoted.Measures like broadcasting advertisements that would convince people to ride bicycles,also there should me more lanes for bicycles.As the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is been promoted by the government through advertisements with help of celebrities .Similarly the benefits of riding bicycle can be promoted. Use of cars, bikes and other transport systems which cause pollution cannot be certainly stopped but of course their number can be reduced at a large extent.This will reduce the amount of pollution with a bonus of fitness and health.Thus I want you'll to sign this petition if you don't want the whole country to transform into Delhi and face all those woes that the citizens of Delhi faced recently. Also if you feel that bicycle is not that luxurious you need to try it once.

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