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To Stop " Government's wildlife birth control project" in India

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subject - To stop " Government's wildlife birth control project"

        Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEF & CC) is going to kick start its project to control wild animals population via contraceptives starting from UTTARAKHAND with a pilot on RHESUS MACAQUE MONKEY. MoEF & CC recently approved Rs 10 Crore funding for 'IMMUNOLOGY CONTRACEPTION' of 'Rhesus Macaque', Asian Elephants, nilgais & wild boar. The project will be executed along with wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun & National Institute of IMMUNOLOGY, Delhi.

        The project is aimed specifically at these four species as their numbers have gone up resulting in crop damages ( as per information acquired)... More information can be obtained from MoEF & CC.



         Humans (man) - Animal conflicts (here) resulting in crop damage is a problem created by humans and not by wild animals. Humans have destroyed/ lessen the forest cover through developmental activities highway, buildings, factories etc. which results in large amount of deforestation in-directly increasing man-animal conflicts.

    Forest's are wild animals home & also the 'kitchen' for them as they acquire food thier. deforestation through developmental activities results in destroying of this wild animals home and kitchen which increase movement of wild animals  near human localities in search of food. This poor, Deaf animals don't have any intention or they don't do anything intentionally.

 Solution -  With this their lies appeal to Government of India to stop this project and can utilize another technique/s to overcome this problems like rehabilitation of humans from wild area, increasing forest cover (depleted) help of NGO's, experts etc.

     To control wild animal's birth is in-human in nature as the situation is created by human himself. Also Govt. should note that human population is increasing in the country, which doesn't means to have same project on humans.

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