Environmental Impact Assessment Notification 2020-Withdrawal

Environmental Impact Assessment Notification 2020-Withdrawal

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To Protect Our Environment, Let's Join Together to Seek Withdrawal of Draft EIA Notification, 2020!

The Central Ministry has proposed a change in existing Environment Impact Assessment processes (EIA Notification, 2006) through a draft EIA Notification, 2020. The proposed notification will destroy the process of environmental protection and affecting the environment irreversibly, also making it easier for the corporates to get environmental clearances for their projects. Hence, We the people of  Tamilnadu, oppose the draft Environment Impact Assessment Notification, 2020,The new amendment poses a serious threat to the environment and there are some areas of concern like granting post-facto clearances to Industries and leaving aside them with Fine alone in case of any violations. For several projects, the whole process of EIA is made simpler and fails to meet the standards of basic environmental protections.The EIA can be used to bring India out of the Covid-19 pandemic as an environmentally aware country through a green recovery that strengthens the role of environmental and social protection of all people and nature instead of justifying the present forms of harmful development. So, we request you to kindly withdraw the Draft EIA Notification – 2020, right now.

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