Save Nature# Save Twenty Villages in Vijayapuram ,Nagari, Chittoor D. T, Andhra Pradesh

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Save Twenty villages in Vijayapuram Mandalam, Nagari, Chittoor D. T, Andhrapradesh

Request to Cancel the mining process awarded at Survey No 173 to safeguard the affected village’s environment in Vijayapuram Mandalm.
Obtained the approvals and orders by producing the in factual data and violating the norms and policies. This is certainly be against the interests of our villages, so we are demanding the closure of the approved/pending Quarry orders.

This would inflict serious social and environmental damage in the villages in the project area, including all Panchayats in Vijayapuram Mandalam. The livelihood would be seriously affected due to diversion of natural drainage from hillock during rainy seasons. This is agrarian belt and our lives are dependent on farming.

Request you all to spare some time and read the below message as a responsible citizen to save the nature and share this message until it reaches to the public and our elected representatives. It is high time to save twenty villages in and around VijayaPuram Mandal which are in grave danger due to the illegal mining activities

We have given several representations, objecting to this ongoing quarry operations, to the Chittoor Collectorate, MRO and concerned officials to no avail. We as responsible citizens and youth members of all surrounding villages are fighting restlessly for over a year compromising our personal lives and professional careers to object the said cause. All our efforts are being eclipsed by certain external forces who are exerting unwanted pressures on us and not allowing us to succeed in creating proper awareness amongst the public masses many among who are still ignorant. Damage is already half way done and we still vow to not give up our fighting spirit.

We request all social organizations, support teams and leaders to add your valuable support to stop this illegal mining activity with immediate effect.

We are very unhappy with the way our local leaders and government departments are dealing with this issue and also request our AP Mines and Geology department to reconsider the contract awarded in these villages which were awarded based on incorrect information provided by the lessee and improper procedures followed by the subordinate authorities. We are in disbelief as the state department which has to safe guard the law and order is sort of supporting the quarry contractors and disrupting our efforts to create awareness amongst ignorant people. Also an informal group of people who are influenced by the money power of the quarry contractors are making miserable situations for our youth army by creating negative publicity.

We sincerely request all of you to spread and support us on this issue to save our villages, forest area and environment. Similar situation may arise to any of our forest reserves around the world, so we stand as a team to fight back and give strong reply to these negative forces in our society.

Now as the world is slowly waking up to the damage being done by the human race to the earth, let us all rise together to support saving our resources for the future generations. Otherwise, our future is at stake.

Thanks & Regards
Vijayapuram Mandal youth and Supporters