Preventing climate change - Less Pollution during 'Holika Dahan'.

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Climate Change is one of the major concern our world is facing right now. With rising temperature, global warming, and poisonous air to breath all around us, it is our responsibility to minimize our contribution towards this evil, for a better future. For us as well as for the future generations.

This time during Holi when I went to my hometown Panvel in Navi Mumbai, as always people were celebrating 'Holika Dahan' by setting up bonfires and performing prayers around it. These bonfires represent Holika and are usually made up of wood and hay. 

This festival happens every year but one thing that struck me this time was that there were a lot of Holika that were set up in the neighborhood. My lane alone had 3 big Holikas (around 2 meters tall) lit at a distance of just 10 meters from each other.

This made me curious and I along with my sister went to map all the Holikas we could in the neighborhood. Each society, each lane had its own Holika setup. We couldn't map the entire city but managed to cover an area of approx. 1sq km and we were able to map 111 bonfires in just 1 sq km, which is a lot and I am sure there were even more like these that we couldn't map. 

If just a small patch had so many Holikas, just imagine how much the entire city would have? How much would the entire nation have? and how much pollution these Holikas create within a day. These Holikas not only pollute the air but also damage the electrical wires running over it and also burn the trees that come in contact with its fire.

This made me think can this be minimized? Can few societies, few sectors, few lanes come together and light a common Holika? Of course, they can. Just like Dussehra people can gather at a common place for Holika Dahan. Other material that is less harmful or may be beneficial for the environment can be used for this particular event. We will have to explore and find a solution for this problem. 

There is a general lack of awareness of the damage these things are causing to the environment. Any move by the government to create awareness amongst the people and showing them alternative ways to perform this act will contribute a lot towards reducing the pollution and fighting climate change.